About Us

Vigalanty International is an Independent Entertainment Company based out of Kansas City, MO.

Vigalanty International's featured artist Mr. Stinky a.k.a. Javon Canty, has been on his way to stardom since age 9. Being Jamacian American, Mr. Stinky brings you tales of the streets and club mixes in a merging of reggae and hip-hop yet to be imitated. He has shared the stage with such artists as E-40, Master P, Da Brat, Ice Cube, Aaron Hall, Yukmouth, C-BO, Black Rob, and many more. He has rocked crowds from the Midwest to the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. Stinky has been featured on over 20 different CDs locally and nationwide. He can be heard on Tech N9ne's Absolute Power, the re-release of Anghellic, and upcoming albums. In 1997, Mr. Stinky began putting together a group of individuals who each brought to the table their own style and creativity. They would come to form Dedicated Records and The Vigalanty Squad founded by Javon in 1998. Also in 1998, Mr. Stinky released his first album entitled, ARMED CRIMINAL ACTION, featuring the Vigalanty Squad and National Recording artist Tech N9ne and Young Rich the Factor. Mr. Stinky's second album released in 2000, THE REINFORCEMENT, features Tech N9ne, J.T. The Bigga Figga, and Young Rich the Factor. To showcase the Vigalanty Squad, Mr. Stinky released a third album, OUR TIME in November 2001. After being on the market for only six months, this album went into nationwide distribution and manufacturing through Southwest Distribution which it became ranked in the top 50 on Southwest's Top 2002 Independent New Artist Release. To share the turmoil of his life and to show off his versatility, Mr. Stinky released his fourth album, HOLDIN COURT IN THE STREETS.This album showcases worldwide artists, new reggae tracks, and yet another side of Mr. Stinky. In 2006, Mr. Stinky a.k.a. Javon Canty launched VIGALANTY INTERNATIONAL as his new label.

Mr. Stinky has faced the challenges of being an Independent Artist and has risen to the top as a stronger and smarter entertainer. He continues to release full length albums on a regular basis to satisfy the thirst of his fans. These are albums that tell the story of a musician that lives immersed in the entertainment industry.

His recent projects include a double CD called Everyting Dead. This album touches the hearts of his International fans by showcasing both the reggae and rap talents of a one in a million performer.

By living in the world of music, Mr. Stinky's releases stay fresh and up-to-date with the times. This can be seen in his 2012 release of Gone Digital. The title track featuring Tech N9ne explains how the industry is moving toward digital media.

Mr. Stinky always tries to give his fans what they want as seen in his latest release for the hometown fans titled Summertime Madness. This album takes it back to the streets of Kansas City where Mr. Stinky made his start.

Mr. Stinky has also moved into the digital world to be there to welcome his fans. His music can be found on Pandora Radio, iHeartRadio, Janga, and many online digital distributors such as CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Stay tuned for many new services and products that Vigalanty International will offer.