About Us

Vigalanty International is an Independent Entertainment Company based out of Kansas City, MO.

Mr. Stinky is an entertainer with humble beginnings in Kansas City, MO. His voice, energy, spirituality, and connection to the world around him sets him apart from the rest of earthlings.

Being such a one-of-a-kind being shows through in his music. He takes his life struggles and spins them into a unique style of authentic dance hall reggae. Being born to a Jamaican father and American mother he has influences from two cultures. The music isn’t all about the struggle, it includes a range of topics that reach many types of people as his varied fans that he has made shows. Whether you are feeling the streets or feeling chill with your favorite bud, Mr. Stinky has the song to get you through your day.

What has grown Mr. Stinky into the entertainer he is today? The turning point probably came at age 14 when he tragically lost his older brother, Jamonte Canty, in his arms. Jamonte’s last words “You don’t need me, one day you will be a star!” sparked a fire in Mr. Stinky that gave him the motivation to be a successful entertainer.

Mr. Stinky has made his place in the music industry as one of the top independent artist in the nation. He has worked with some of the biggest household names in the music industry and earned their respect in the process. He has shared the stage and been featured on dozens of albums with the likes of the nation’s #1 Independent Artist Tech N9ne, history makers 2Pacs Outlawz, original king of the underground E-40, Master P, Mac Dre, The Jacka, Brother Lynch, Biggie smalls, Petey Pablo, and ATL’s Young BloodZ. The list also includes other reggae artists beanie man and elephant man.

Touring the west coast to Hawaii with Bad Boys and Def Jams labels was his first introduction to West Coast and Hawaiian music lovers and he has held a space in their hearts ever since. From impromptu shows in Las Vegas to living and recording in hip-hop capitol Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Stinky has not only grown as an artist but as a businessman. You can listen/buy his music on his Pandora Station: Mr. Stinky, iTunes, Amazon music, Spotify, iHeart radio, Jango radio, CDbaby.com and most other online music retailers.

Stay tuned for many new services and products that Vigalanty International will offer.